Walking as Drawing

Walking as Drawing
Walking as Drawing by Billy Friebele Sat. October 9th @1 pm
This project will involve participants in a mapping excursion that will result a collective time-based drawing. Using the boundary of Conflux as a limitation, walk anywhere within the contained space for exactly 30 minutes, thinking of your path as a drawn line. When time is up, take a picture of where you ended up. Pathways will be recorded with gps units, or transcribed using Google's pedometer:(http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/). The tracks can be emailed or given directly to me (bfriebele@gmail.com). These walks will be color coded and animated so that the paths form a time-based collaborative drawing through the streets of New York. The animation will be sped up to show 30 minutes of walking in 3 minutes time, and will be uploaded to the project website for viewing. The photographs will be presented at the end of the video.

Conflux is located at: 

34 Stuyvesant St.
New York, NY 10003

Here is an example of what the animation of a single line will look like:

Traversing/Suburban: Target Drawing from Billy Friebele on Vimeo.
I attached a GPS device and a video camera to a shopping cart and traveled through Target. The animated drawing reflects the movements of the shopper in space. This is an excerpt of a larger piece.

Pictures may be displayed at the end of the video:


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